Daily Stock Pick: March 20th, 2023

One area of the market where stocks can be found to produce 10x, even 20x returns, regardless of what’s happening elsewhere in the market, is biotech. Looking at the performance of the past ten years, if the biotechnology industry were a sector, it would be the best-performing one. Over the past decade, biotech stocks have returned 524%. That beats every last sector, it beats the broader healthcare sector by 200 percentage points, and it’s nearly double the S&P 500’s total return in that same time frame.  

Specifically, genomics is one niche within the biotech group that could offer unimaginable returns, but the technology is so new and so complex many investors shy away from companies that are making astounding advancements.  

There’s clearly money to be made in the discovery of new treatments for anything from the flu to cancer. But genomics stocks carry substantial risk. While positive data from a trial could send their stocks soaring, a setback or failure can crush their returns, making them difficult buy-and-hold investments.  

Today we’re highlighting a rare, buy-and-hold genomics investment that provides ground-floor access to the innovators of tomorrow, along with their potential nose-bleed returns, while minimizing risk.

One solution for anyone who wants to benefit from genomics advancements but is lacking in the expertise needed to confidently evaluate individual companies from the group is to delegate individual stock picking to the professionals. In today’s trade, we’ll focus on an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that provides an opportunity for investors looking to gain access to companies at the forefront of genomics innovation. 

iShares Genomics Immunology and Healthcare ETF (IDNA) holds a concentrated portfolio of global companies in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare equipment and services industries that could benefit from long-term growth and innovation in genomics, immunology, and bioengineering. The fund is passively managed, and holdings are weighted by market cap and are constrained such that no individual security exceeds 4% weight of the portfolio. The index rebalances semi-annually.

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