The Biggest Gold Prediction – New Gold Strategy

Gold recently hit a new all-time high – but all signs indicate an even bigger breakout is coming.

In fact, one group of precious metal analysts published research showing why gold could soar to $3,000 – maybe even $5,000 or higher in this new bull market.

Unfortunately, most people will miss out on the biggest gains that will happen in gold.

That’s because there’s a much, much better way to profit from this new boom than owning just gold itself.

Most people know nothing about this gold strategy.

It has nothing to do with bullion, ETFs, mining stocks – or anything like that.

And yet the gains from this approach can be absolutely incredible.

During one period, for example, this virtually unknown gold strategy returned 38% per year.

And not just for a year or two… but for 18 straight years!

Which is why you need to see for yourself why this may be the best way to invest in gold right now.