Daily Stock Pick: February 9th, 2022

There is a lot of excitement over the metaverse right now, and justifiably so.  The rapid growth in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) supports the belief that the metaverse is much more than a fad, it’s a structural long-term trend that’s here to stay, and the potential is huge.

Lately, crypto enthusiasts have taken a shine to purchasing virtual assets like plots of land in the fictional gaming world.  Virtual real estate deals are even outshining real-world deals.  In November, a piece of land exchanged hands for over nearly $2.4 million worth in metaverse tokens, inspiring a buying frenzy of the biggest metaverse-related digital currencies.  But as investors take an increasingly bearish view of the overall market, especially high-flying growth sectors, metaverse-related digital currencies have also taken a plunge.  

The metaverse is still in its infancy, which means there is a ton of room for growth. Taking a longer-term view of where these metaverse tokens could be headed, investors may be looking at this sell-off as representative of a potential buying opportunity.

Today we’re highlighting a metaverse token with potential as expansive as the metaverse itself. Currently priced below $5 per token, this micro-currency may have become too attractive to ignore.


Sandbox (SAND) is the Ethereum based native token behind the virtual world of the same name where users buy goods and services, including terrain plots called ‘LAND’  on which to develop and monetize content.   Owners of in-game LAND use their space to create and monetize interactive play experiences using SAND.  Sandbox publisher Animoca Brands announced it will hold its first public ‘LAND’ sale on February 11th, following several sold-out presale offerings.  

The first sale will see the release of 1,200 individual plots of LAND Premium, which are priced at 4,683 SAND.  Several notable brands are already staking their claim through partnerships with Animoca, including The Smurfs, Atari, Square Enix, Binance, and more.  

The team behind the Sandbox has partnered with crypto tracking and market analysis site CoinMarketCap to promote and incentivize the first public sale by including NFTs inspired by the CoinMarketCaps brand.  Buyers are rewarded with NFTs of varying value, contingent on the amount of land purchased.  

LAND sales have attracted several crypto “NFT whales” who see substantial future growth in digital property rights.  A public alpha version of The Sandbox is expected to launch sometime in the first half of 2022.  

SAND tokens are up 3,000% over the past year but have slid 40% since the November high of $7.49 per token.  Ahead of the highly anticipated public LAND sale,  SAND is on the rise once again.  As of Thursday morning, the token price is up 20% over the past week.  Like most investment options available in the cryptosphere, SAND is prone to drastic swings and is only recommended for investors with a high tolerance for volatility.  The immense world of untapped possibilities makes this micro currency hard to ignore at its current level. 

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