Daily Stock Pick: December 22nd, 2022

One of the biggest threats to corporate America is ransomware. The growing possibility of losing access to essential or confidential digital property is a nightmarish scenario for executives, as the financial consequences can be enormous.  

But it’s not just major companies that are at risk. We are all threatened with the loss of personal data security as hackers continue to develop new ways to exploit networks, software, and the array of evolving technology services. As the world advances to become more digitized, so too do its threats.

According to Research and Markets, the global network security market size reached a valuation of $4.68 billion in 2021. Experts project that by 2027, the global network security market segment will command a valuation of $16.6 billion, representing a CAGR of 23.5% from 2023 estimates.

Online security is a young, quickly evolving industry. Competition is heavy in the space, and demand continues to grow faster in volume and complexity. Not all companies from the burgeoning subsector are set to last. As the undisputed leader in identity security, today’s featured company’s annual recurring revenue is snowballing, which translates to reliable income that’s steadily growing for years to come.  


The undisputed global leader when it comes to identity security, CyberArk (CYBR), has been gaining attention on Wall Street. The stock is up 26% over the past six months and could continue to gain heading into 2023. Regardless of any short-term earnings volatility, the potential for long-term, steady growth is too great to ignore.  

CyberArk’s innovations occur across its self-hosted solutions and expanding SaaS portfolio of privileged access management, secrets management, and cloud privilege security offerings, helping its customers enable “Zero Trust” by enforcing least privilege. Under the framework of its Zero Trust approach, its teams can focus on identifying, isolating, and stopping threats from compromising identities and gaining right before they can do harm.

The Israel-based company was recently named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management for 2021. It was positioned both highest in the ability to execute and furthest in the completeness of vision for the fourth time in a row. It comes as no surprise the business has been attracting customers to its subscription-based services, which means tremendously reliable cash flow, a good sign for anyone eyeing the small-cap.  

For its third quarter, CyberArk reported a 133% growth acceleration from the previous year’s quarter of the subscription portion of its annual recurring revenue (ARR) to $255 million. Total ARR came in at $465 million, with growth Accelerating to 48%. Management also increased the full-year 2022 ARR Guidance Range to  $589-$601 million, up from a prior estimate of $583.5-$598.5 million.