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President Joe Biden is set to unveil an infrastructure package this week with a price tag of a whopping three-trillion dollars. Most of the conversation surrounding the package has focused on cleantech solutions and climate change, resulting in some stocks already creeping up due to the news. But the proposed package will also focus on rebuilding highways, bridges, and rail lines. So while the limelight isn’t on those three things yet, now is the time to snatch up some infrastructure stocks that could stand to benefit from Biden’s proposal. 

So which stocks should you consider adding to your hand? Nucor Corporation, a Charlotte, North Carolina based steel company, is a stock that you’ll definitely want to consider. Nucor is the nation’s largest steel producer, mini mill steelmaker, and scrap recycler. Since the company is a triple threat in that regard, almost any major infrastructure plans will involve Nucor in some way. Caterpillar Inc. is also another stock that could give you a winning hand. Being the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer, I think it’s safe to say that Caterpillar stands to gain a lot from Biden’s infrastructure proposal. 

Adding these stocks to your hand now is an incredible opportunity that could grow your portfolio handsomely. When an infrastructure plan is approved and construction begins on all of the planned upgrades, it will be too late to get in on these stocks that should prove to be winners in the future. So think about doubling down on this type of investment before it becomes trendy to do so and before prices soar. But there are two additional hot infrastructure stocks to choose from as well, so check them out before you make any big investing decisions.

Gold and bonds slump as the dollar and Bitcoin surge

A new trend is emerging on Wall Street: gold and bonds are slumping while the dollar and Bitcoin are beginning to surge. And while the market has been extremely volatile the last few days, Bitcoin has actually proved to offer a bit of stability in an otherwise unstable market. So what’s behind all of these new trends and what does it mean for you?


Are you getting in on Ark Invest’s new space exploration ETF?

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest is making it easier to invest in space exploration by offering a new ETF. The ETF is under the trade name ARKX and it began trading for the first time on Tuesday. ARKX includes 39 stocks, with heavy hitters like Virgin Galactic, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing all being a part of the ETF. With space exploration on the rise, and more companies competing in the new industry, this new ETF could be a good long term investment opportunity. But how did ARKX do on its first day?


It’s all about the long term plan

 A Warren Buffett quote

“If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.

― Warren Buffett

I like that Warren Buffet cuts to the chase and tells you what he’s thinking. This quote is a great example of that. It serves as yet another reminder that investing is a long term thing. If your investing strategies don’t include buying and holding stocks for quite some time, then you need to completely rethink your strategies. To get the most out of the market, you need to hold your investments for 10 years or more.

So if you are tempted to sell at the slightest uptick you see, you’d be better off not buying. After all, you’d hate to see where your portfolio would be 10 years down the road had impatience and investing immaturity hadn’t persuaded you to let go of a stock that could have set the stage for your financial freedom in the future. So don’t be swayed by small, short term gains now. Stick to the plan and hold until your portfolio grows beyond your wildest dreams.


These 3 stocks could make you rethink your entire portfolio

If you’re looking for less volatility and more dependability, there are three stocks on the market right now that can offer you just that. These stocks are both value and growth stocks, which is hard to find. This means snatching these stocks up gives your portfolio the best of both worlds. The three stocks I am referring to are Quidel, Abbott Laboratories, and CVS Health. But what makes these stocks so special? And exactly how can they change your entire portfolio?

What moved the market on Tuesday?

The market has been a mixed bag lately, but there were a few bright spots to be found. Crypto is on an upward trend again with Bitcoin rising 2.23 percent in just 24 hours. Chewy also found unexpected success due to announcing better than expected Q4 earnings. But what else moved the market on Tuesday? Check out the details here so you can be prepared for today’s Wall Street action.


How does your retirement portfolio balance compare to the median balance of investors in their 40s?

Are your investments on track or do they need a lot of work?

A clock and money on a desk beside a jar with coins labeled “retirement.”

It can be tough to prepare for retirement. The most stressful aspect of that is ensuring you save enough money to retire without having financial worries and stress. So if you are not sure if you are on the right track with your retirement portfolio, it’s probably best to compare yourself to some national benchmarks.

The average retired person in American collects about $18,000 a year in social security. And for most of us, that’s not nearly enough to live on. That’s why it’s so important to double down on your retirement investments and savings so you can supplement that income with a nest egg of your own. But what should your retirement savings goal be? That of course is dependent on a lot of things, like the age you are when you retire, where you’ll live, your personal goals, and your lifestyle. But it’s worth noting that the average amount that 40-somethings currently have saved for retirement is $239,095.

So how does that figure make you feel? Relieved because you’re near it? Overjoyed because you’re over it? Or disappointed because you’re way under it? Determining where you are at compared to the average in America is an important step to getting your retirement plans back on track. So if you’re way off track, how can you catch up? Lucky for you, I have a few tips to share, including one that most people overlook.

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