New to the stock market? You can’t go wrong with these 3 investments

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend! Today, we’re going to lead out with a story for those of you new to the market. Because you can be new to the market and still make great initial stock picks. We’ll explore three you can’t go wrong with…

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New to the stock market? You can't go wrong with these 3 investments

If you are new to the stock market and are just starting to pick out some stocks to add to your hand, it can be extremely overwhelming. Thankfully I am here to help you, and today, I have three investments to share with you. With these investments, you can’t go wrong, no matter how new you are to the market. So get ready to ante up as we go through the stocks that you’ll want to double down on as you start building your investment hand. 

One of the best investments you can make as a market newbie is index funds. I know I talk a lot about index funds, but they are a great starter investment because the risk isn’t too high, but the reward is still fairly lucrative. Index funds are one of the best ways to grow your money over time, which is why they are a favorite for retirement portfolios. Consistently investing in index funds over time can even make you a millionaire if you play your cards right. The key with index funds is time. The earlier you invest, the better. This is because the longer your index fund investments have to grow, the more money you will make. That’s why it’s important to double down on index funds now, and continue to invest in them in order to reap some pretty serious rewards over time. 

But what is the best index fund for beginners to ante up for? The Vanguard Total World Stock Index ETF is one that rises to the top for a few reasons. This particular index fund is extremely broad and adds incredible diversity to your portfolio. It is also global, as it includes stocks from companies located all over the world. This means the health of your investment isn’t dependent on one company, or even one country’s financial standing and market health. Couple that with its low risk status, and this is definitely one you want as the ace up your sleeve in your portfolio. 

But there are two other investments that newbies will want to get in on now. What are they and why are they so beneficial to your brand new portfolio? 

3 things you need to watch in the stock market this week

As we gear up for another week on the stock market, it will be interesting to see what trends emerge coming off of a short trading week due to the holiday weekend. Early reports indicate another wild ride is ahead this week, as market volatility continues to impact investments. But there are three key things you’ll want to watch in the stock market this week more than anything else.


83 percent of Americans don’t know this critical number for retirement

It’s no secret that a lot of Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement. From investment portfolios that lack the funds necessary for retirement, to apathy for investing for the future, there are several reasons why some people just aren’t on the right track for retirement. Even more alarming, a new study revealed that an astounding 83 percent of Americans are blissfully unaware of one critical number for retirement that could make or break their finances in their golden years. What is this critical number and how can it impact your retirement plans and future finances?


You can build wealth in the market if you just wait patiently

You can build wealth in the market if you just wait patiently

“Waiting helps you as an investor and a lot of people just can’t stand to wait. If you didn’t get the deferred-gratification gene, you’ve got to work very hard to overcome that.”

― Charlie Munger

I know I preach patience alot when it comes to investing, but it is honestly one of the most important things when it comes to being a successful investor. If your goal for investing is to build wealth, and it should be, then being patient is the key to unlocking that wealth. This Charlie Munger quote reminds us just how important it is to invest and wait, and then wait some more.

And while it’s true that most of us can’t stand to wait and patience is not our strong suit, if you want to make money in the market, you better find a way to be patient. So focus this week on setting long term investing goals and practicing patience to reach them. Be intentional about working on waiting and being content while doing so. If you can get this piece of your mindset on track, investing success is sure to follow. 


Coinbase is going public soon – this is what you need to know as an investor

Coinbase, the nation’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is officially going public after the SEC approved its request to be listed on the Nasdaq. The company plans to offer 114.9 million shares as part of the direct listing. Coinbase will be the first cryptocurrency exchange in the US to go public. This has been anticipated for quite some time, and it was even expected to take place last month, but the direct listing was postponed without a reason. It now appears that things are back on track for Coinbase to go public, as things are materializing rather quickly. When will Coinbase officially go public and should you think of anteing up for a few shares?

3 bullish tech stocks you should add to your portfolio this week

It’s a new week with new opportunities in the market, so it might be a good time to add to your portfolio with some new investments. And while some tech stocks continue to struggle, there are three in particular that analysts are extremely bullish about. So which three stocks should you think about adding to your portfolio this week? 


Should you invest in real estate or is it a bad idea?

The answer depends on several factors.

Should you invest in real estate or is it a bad idea?

Real estate is often touted as a lucrative investment that is a slam dunk for bringing in solid returns. But that isn’t always the case, and real estate isn’t for every investor. While it’s true you can make some serious cash by investing in real estate, it also takes some serious cash for an initial investment as well. Not every investor is in the right place to be able to do that. And if you happen to have a sizable amount of cash to put on real estate, it still doesn’t mean that real estate is the right investment for you.

Think about home ownership for a minute. If you own a home or are thinking about owning one, this is actually an investment. If you happen to sell down the road, the hope is that you sell for more than you paid so you can make some money off of your home. But it should be noted that in order to do that, a lot of things have to line up. And some of them are out of your control, such as home values in the area where you live, market demand, and more. But the things that are in your control, like home repairs, upgrades, and general maintenance and upkeep, can set you back thousands of dollars and become a money pit quickly if you’re not careful. Now imagine owning multiple homes, such as a few rental properties, and multiplying that cost and responsibility. You can start to see where real estate investment can become a money pit, especially for new and inexperienced investors who don’t have a lot of cash to keep up their investments. 

So if you are thinking that real estate investing is not for you based on that information, think again. There actually is a way to double down on real estate investments without all of the financial hardship and headache of actually owning multiple properties. If that caught your attention, then keep reading. Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, could be the answer to adding real estate to your portfolio without opening up an incredible amount of financial risk. So what are REITs and is it time for you to ante up for this type of real estate investment? 

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