After a dismal few weeks, Tesla’s stock could surge a whopping 51 percent

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Tesla’s been having a bit of a rough go of things lately. But if you want to know what I think, I think it’s time to start buying it up again. And today, I’m going to explain to you why…

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After a dismal few weeks, Tesla's stock could surge a whopping 51 percent

Tesla’s stock has definitely been on a wild ride lately. It’s seen more dismal days than good days, but it appears the stock just might be turning the corner. Over the last few days, Tesla’s stock has shown signs of life and has started trending upward. This positive trend has analysts excited – so much so that some are predicting a surge of over 50 percent for the stock. So is now the time for you to double down? 

Shares of Tesla have typically been sitting northward of $650 the last few days and weeks. But analysts say that could soon change to $1000 per share. Some bullish analysts believe the stock price could even reach a whopping $1300. So why the great optimism all of a sudden for a stock that’s coming off quite a slide? Tesla’s first quarter delivery numbers are largely fueling the optimism, as the automaker reported a 109 percent increase in deliveries. With increased demand and production, it looks like sunny skies are ahead for Tesla. 

But there’s at least one more piece to the puzzle that is helping get Tesla’s stock back on track while priming it to soar soon. If congress eliminates the cap of 200,000 vehicles per manufacturer on cars eligible for the EV tax credit, and also increases the credit to $10,000 per vehicle, demand for Tesla’s products could soar, further fueling the potential for share prices to rise dramatically. So does all this good news mean you should ante up for a few shares of Tesla? Check out all of the details here to find out – including some of the rosy projections for Tesla and its stock. 

3 under-the-radar growth stocks you should probably buy now

Growth stocks are great – under-the-radar growth stocks are even better. There’s less competition for them and the prices tend to be lower, but the incredible growth opportunity is still there. So if you’re on the hunt for a few bargain stocks that are projected to experience exponential growth, check out these three investment opportunities now.


A former Disney CEO is taking this company public

Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, is helping take a new company public. In 2007, Eisner purchased Topps with Madison Dearborn Partners LLC. While Eisner is selling his stake in the company, he will remain as chairman and oversee the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO). Topps currently specializes in premier baseball cards, but Eisner has big plans for the company now that it is going public, including entering the non-fungible tokens (NFT) business. The new deal and public offering values the company at $1.3 billion. So what is in store for Topps and are analysts bullish on doubling down on this IPO?


Don’t work too hard for your money, make it work for you instead

Don't work too hard for your money, make it work for you instead

“Investing puts money to work. The only reason to save money is to invest it.”

― Grant Cardone

I’ve always liked the saying work smarter, not harder. And this Grant Cardone quote is a great reminder that investing can help you do just that. Instead of working too hard trying to make extra money and put away for the future, invest consistently and make your money work for you. If you are able to view investing as a strategy that builds wealth over time while it takes the work out of having to do that, then the sky’s the limit for your investing success.

So every time you put money in the market or other investments, remember that those investments are working for you, so eventually, you won’t have to work so hard and worry about your financial future. So go ahead and ante up and put that money to work. You’ll be glad you did later on down the road. Just trust me on this one. 


What in the world happened with UTME stock on Tuesday?

UTime Ltd went public on Tuesday and the stock literally exploded. UTime’s shares started trading a little after 11 am ET and blew all expectations out of the water. The shares skyrocketed almost immediately. The demand for the stock was so high that trading had to be halted at least eight times to handle the heavy influx of purchases. By Tuesday afternoon, shares were up over 1000 percent. Why in the world was UTime’s stock such a hit and is it too late for you to get in on the action?

These three EV stocks are hot right now

EV stocks are a pretty solid investment right now. With Tesla shares back on the rise, other EV stocks are also seeing an upward trend. But there are three EV stocks so hot right now that you want to scoop them up before it’s too late. Which stocks should you be doubling down on? Find out here.



3 stocks popular on Robinhood that you need to get in on now

These stocks could be going to the moon. 

If a stock is wildly popular on Robinhood, I usually caution people that it might not be the best investment. Let’s not forget the GameStop frenzy that created a mess. And other meme and trendy stocks made popular by Robinhood traders have also proved to be bad investments.

But there are three stocks that are popular on Robinhood now that are not only solid investments, but their prices could be heading to the moon. 

3 stocks popular on Robinhood that you need to get in on now

One of the stocks that the Robinhood crowd is right about is AT&T. While this stock doesn’t fit the typical “Robinhood stock” mold, it has grown in popularity with the trading app’s users, and rightfully so. While AT&T hasn’t made any impressive waves in the market or in the mobile industry as of late, the company and its stock is projected to grow incredibly over time. 5G should bring about new opportunities for the company, as well as service bundling. These opportunities have some analysts bullish on the stock’s future, as they continue to signal buy on this investment. And since the price is still fairly low, now is the time to get in on the action while you still can. Snatch up the stock for as low as you can in hopes of reaping a huge return over time. It’s like paying for a cheap scratcher and ending up with a winning Powerball ticket. I mean, who doesn’t like those odds? 

Another stock that is popular on Robinhood that you might want to double down on is Zynga. This company is a video game publisher that is best known for Farmville and Words With Friends. The company is in the middle of a huge expansion that is projected to skyrocket its stock price dramatically. What else excites analysts about Zynga? And what other stock are Robinhood users actually right about this time? 

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