This Month’s Best Stocks

Hey there, Tom Gentile here.

America’s #1 Pattern Trader

Right now, I have 10 stocks that are just about ripe for the picking over the next seven weeks.

The only thing is that you can’t jump into them right now.

Each stock has a unique date on which it’s scheduled to start going up…

And not only does it have a 90%+ chance of doing so…

It doesn’t matter if the stock inches up $3 or $30…

You could still pull profits of 75%, 100%, even over 200% on each and every trade in just a few weeks.

Still a little skeptical?

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10 stocks; 10 chances to grab more than 75% on each trade over the next seven weeks.

And the best part…

I’m giving ’em all away today – for free.

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