The Hottest Investment of 2021 Isn’t What You Think

There’s no doubt about it. A new type of investment is sweeping the marketplace, and investors would be wise to take notice.

However… you may not yet have heard of this type of investment before at all.

That’s because they’re relatively new – and since 2020, have absolutely exploded in popularity… and even more so… in gains.

They’re called SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies). And they are red hot right now.

Think of SPACs as a type of “pre-IPO”: allowing investors to get in on the ground floor before the company merges with a well-known, but not yet publicly traded company.

They allow private companies to go public on a faster timeline, and there’s more certainty of a company’s valuation.

In many cases, once the merger is announced, shares fly.

Merger complete? Same story.

For example… the top performing SPAC of 2020 returned investors an astonishing 1,115%.

Number 2 is a company you may have heard of: DraftKings, which netted early SPAC investors a 444% return.

And the third best performing SPAC, which went on to merge with Iridium, made investors a more-than-solid 304% profit.

And the pace of new SPACs being listed has only increased.

You see… from January to October 2020, 165 new SPACs were listed.

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