The Coming 2021 Tech Stock Boom

It’s not exactly a secret that most investment “advice” would encourage you to own a diverse basket of stocks from all sectors.

I’m here to tell you that if you want to seize the day and maximize gains, you need to be overweight tech.

Here’s why:

Companies like DocuSign, Square, and MercadoLibre have absolutely exploded over the past year.

We’re talking triple digit windfalls… DocuSign is up over 300% over the last year, Square is just under 300% return, as is MercadoLibre.

Imagine you had thrown a few thousand – say, $5,000 – at these stocks a year ago. Today, you’d be looking at over $15,000 profit on each.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that being overweight tech stocks in 2021 is a no brainer.

In fact… we expect this run to continue well through this year and into 2022.

And the gains for investors like you could be huge if you set yourself up with the right picks at the right time.

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