China’s Secret Weapon to Undermine The New American Revolution

Over the last few years, the electric vehicle industry has undoubtedly come into the spotlight across America.

Over a million electric cars have been sold in the U.S. in the last five years – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Companies like Tesla have been catapulted to the forefront of the mind of the American consumer, and are almost ubiquitous these days in urban American society.

It would be hard to argue that the EV explosion has been anything but a boon to both the American economy and worker alike…

But China has been quietly – secretly – sabotaging this new American EV revolution.

Through controlling the sourcing of, and stockpiling physical supplies, the Chinese government is trying to manipulate American access to a key piece of the EV puzzle: cobalt.

You see… after the collapse in commodities prices in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Chinese government was advised by state-backed research house Antaike to stockpile precious metals.

And stockpile it did.

Though official figures remain cloaked in secrecy, well-known companies that mine cobalt (like Glencore Plc) and companies like Volkswagon that use lithium ion batteries in its electric vehicles have seen a major uptick in their production and usage of cobalt, respectively.

And the supply chain in charge of getting those cobalt-containing batteries from the mines to Volkswagon?

Dominated by China.

It has become clear that China is using its hegemony over these precious metals to exert geopolitical pressure, and more distressingly, to hurt American industry.

However, through our research, we’ve found one company in particular that is poised not only to weather this Chinese onslaught… but to dominate it.

This little known company is at the center of the electric vehicle revolution, and could be one of the last bastions of hope for this fledgling American industry.

Should the Biden administration push ahead with its desire to transform America into a country that relies more and more on renewable energy, this company will be in a position to reap the rewards.

And who knows how high its stock price could potentially soar in coming years…

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