America’s Coming Tech Stock Implosion

You may not know of him yet, but one of America’s most successful technology investors – Jeff Brown – has recently claimed that popular tech stocks could be facing an imminent 92% downturn.

In fact, Jeff predicts what he refers to as a “splintering” of the stock market.

And for the droves of retail investors that joined the market over the last year… it could spell major losses if decisive action isn’t taken right now.

But does this really mean Armageddon for tech stocks…?

Well, to put it simply… COVID-19 has obviously changed the world for the worse.

Some companies watched in horror as their fortunes dwindled to near zero in the wake of the stock market crash that we saw in February of 2020.

It spelled “disaster” for many companies who simply were caught off guard.

But there are a few stocks that were well-positioned for this environment – and they will thrive.

Others, unfortunately, will see a “second wave” of major selloffs.

Investors would be wise to take heed of this information and set themselves up to be on the right side of this coming selloff.

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