High-Potential “Metamorphosis” Stock

Some dominant companies see their business start shrinking and passively accept their fates – becoming a shell of their former glory (see: Nokia and Blackberry).

Others instead opted to make major fundamental changes to their business model.

Those that succeeded – like Amazon, Netflix, IBM, and Slack – reaped big rewards for their investors.

Today’s daily stock pick is one such stock currently undergoing a fundamental transformation.

Even at its post-pandemic peak in April 2021, this stock’s price was only about the same as its pre-pandemic price. 

And it’s since fallen by more than half – for very good reason.

But if it can successfully pull off its transformation (one that has already begun) – it could be one of the most spectacular comebacks of the decade.

And that’s worth at least serious consideration – especially because I think it has a great chance of succeeding, not to mention it will likely benefit from the AI revolution as well.

Intel Corporation (INTC)

Most people have heard of Intel. But only investors know how much the company has been lagging. In the first quarter of 2023, Intel showed the largest operating loss in history, with major segments seeing sales dipping by nearly 40%. A dropoff in the PC market as we put the pandemic further and further in the rearview mirror has also weighed on performance.

All this has been reflected in its stock price – which has taken a serious beating.

But as I said, Intel is undergoing a fundamental transformation – with a goal to become a successful foundry on par with the likes of Taiwan Semiconductor and GlobalFoundries. It’s already announced $120–140 billion in investments to that effect.

This will not be a fast process – but it’s one you might want to bet on if you’re a longer-term investor.

On top of that, Intel also has plans to turn around its existing business, and will debut its AI-focused data center chip in 2025. This could prove to be a serious contender and steal market share away from the likes of Nvidia.

All in all, if you’re willing to buy and hold, Intel might prove to be a “sleeper” stock that eventually ends up paying out big.

To your wealth,
Felix @ Ace of Investing