Top 3D Printing Stocks Analysts Tell Us To Buy Now

The 3D printing market, as predicted by Fortune Business Insights, was predicted to be valued at around $15.10 billion in 2021. From $18.33 billion in 2022 to $83.9 billion in 2029, the sector is expected to grow, specifically at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 24.3%. Researchers forecast that the rapid growth of digitalization and the increased use of cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) will only enhance the need for the benefit of 3D Printing services.

As the tech has grown, printers can now quickly fix problems as they emerge with the help of certain strategies, which encourage active feedback. When used with software and simulation, the machinery can identify past mistakes and make appropriate changes. Together, these industries are growing at incredible rates as businesses begin to see the advantages of being able to produce anything, at any time, from digital files. As more and more turn to 3D printing to deliver high-quality products, major businesses are encouraging the sector to adapt to their requirements.  

Now, join me while I break down three stocks from this sector that are, even during these times, considered by analysts to be safe and healthy additions to our growing portfolios: 


PTC Inc (PTC) is a computer software and services firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, founded in 1985. PTC employs over 6,000 people across 80 locations in 30 countries, has 1,150 technology partners, and generates more than $1 billion in sales. In 1988, PTC began creating parametric, associative feature-based, solid computer-aided design modeling software, and in 1998, PTC released an Internet-based application for product lifecycle management. IoT (Internet of Things), augmented reality, and collaboration software are among PTC’s products and services. PTC also provides advice, implementation, and training.

PTC is undoubtedly one of the growers in the 3D Printing industry, and its financials can help assure us of its safety and timeliness. For Q4 2021, PTC crushed analysts’ earnings projections on EPS and revenue by 62.16% and 11.68%, respectively. This year, PTC has taken down EPS by 23.49% and revenue by 4.72%PTC also boasts positive year-over-year growth in the most crucial areas: Revenue – 6.15%; Net Income – 37.64%; EPS – 39.53%; Net Profit Margin – 29.7%. The median 12-month price objective for PTC from the analysts providing annual estimates is 146.00, with a high of 160.00 and a low of 124.00The median forecast is a 21.08% jump from current pricing, and the consensus also gives PTC a buy rating that isn’t difficult to correlate with its success.

Trimble Inc (TRMB)

Trimble Inc (TRMB) delivers technology solutions that help professionals and field mobility workers worldwide to improve their work processes. Buildings and Infrastructure is a division of TRMB that provides field and office software for route selection and design, systems to guide and control construction equipment, and much more. TRMB’s Geospatial division offers surveying, geospatial goods, geographic data systems, agriculture products, and services, such as guidance and positioning systems, autonomous steering systems, and information management solutions. Meanwhile, TRMB‘s Transportation segment provides solutions for long-haul trucking and freight shipper markets. TRMB was known as Trimble Navigation Limited and changed its name to Trimble Inc. in October 2016. TRMB was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

TRMB has had impressive success regarding its quarterly revenue numbers, beating Wall Street’s forecasts for the last four consecutive quarters. It most recently beat EPS projections by 8.37% and revenue forecasts by 2.74%. Year-over-year, TRMB shows revenue growth of 12.09% and operating income growth of 15.03%. Its growth numbers, however, are only forecasted to continue quarterly and annually. TRMB has a consensus price target of 85.00, with a high estimate of 101.00 and a low of 65.00 among the analysts providing yearly price estimates. The median estimate reflects a 23.96% rise over its latest price, and TRMB’s buy rating feels well-earned.

Autodesk Inc (ADSK)

Autodesk, Inc (ADSK) is a global 3D design, entertainment software, and engineering services firm. ADSK provides civil engineering analysis and documentation solutions for land development, environmental projects, and transportation. In addition, ADSK provides tools for architecture, engineering and construction, product design, and manufacturing professionals. ADSK offers cloud-based tools for media and entertainment sector evaluation and production tracking as well. ADSK offers its goods and services directly to clients and via a network of distributors. ADSK was established in 1982 and is based in San Rafael, California.

For what’s a busy company, ADSK has shown dominance in this market space that is arguably unmatched at this time, making it a favorite among the 3D Printing businesses. ADSK has that distinction I always like: it has beaten analysts’ earnings forecasts for the past four consecutive quarters. ADSK’s most recent earnings performance exceeded EPS and revenue by 6.94% and 2.07%, respectively. The quarter prior, ADSK beat EPS by 4.07% and revenue by 1.31%ADSK offers $1.2 billion in sales for its current quarter, at $1.57 per shareYear-over-year, the firm shows revenue growth of 18.3% and operating income growth of 50.68%. The median 12-month price target for ADSK from the analysts providing annual predictions is 245.00, with a high of 355.00 and a low of 185.00The median forecast is a 13.32% gain from its last price, and ADSK’s buy rating is essential to pay mind to.