Daily Stock Pick: February 15th, 2022

Cooling geopolitical tensions helped ease investor sentiment this morning.  Stocks surged in early trading after the Russian Defense Ministry said it had begun to withdraw Russian troops from the Ukrainian border.  Volatility could increase as the story develops.  

One area of the market that stocks can be found to produce 10x, even 20x returns, regardless of what’s happening elsewhere, is biotech.  Looking at the performance of the past ten years, if the biotechnology industry were a sector, it would be the best performing one.  Over the past decade, biotech stocks have returned 524%. That beats every last sector, it beats the broader health care sector by 200 percentage points, and it’s nearly double the S&P 500’s total return in that same time frame.  

There’s clearly money to be made in the discovery of new treatments for anything from the flu to cancer.  But biotech stocks carry substantial risk.  While positive data from a drug trial could send their stocks soaring, a setback or failure can crush their returns, making them difficult buy-and-hold investments.  

Today we’re highlighting a rare, buy-and-hold biotech investment that provides ground floor access to the innovators of tomorrow, along with their potential nose-bleed returns, while minimizing risk.

For those looking for a long-term investment in biotech with less risk, biotech ETFs offer an answer.  Instead of betting on individual drugs or companies, an ETF allows you to spread out risk across dozens or even hundreds of firms at a time.  


The Principal Healthcare Innovators ETF (BTEC) is a promising fund geared toward finding smaller, innovative companies that might get overlooked, focusing on active investment in early-stage R&D.

BTEC seeks out health care firms from the Nasdaq US Benchmark Index but excludes the top 150 securities by market size while also excluding companies with low trading liquidity.  How it identifies “innovators,” however, might seem a little unorthodox: Specifically, it seeks out “non-earners by means of having negative earnings over the prior 4, prior 8 or future 4 quarters at least half of the time.”  In other words, it selects companies with inconsistent or negative profits, the idea being that, for now, they’re pouring every last cent into R&D. BTEC then picks the best-ranked 150 to 200 companies based on its scoring measures, then weights those stocks by size, with no stock exceeding 3% in rebalancing, which happens twice a year.  BTEC holds BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN), Seattle Genetics (SGEN), and Exact Sciences (EXAS), among others

  • Net Assets — $89.98 million
  • Yield — 0.00%
  • Expense Ratio — 0.42%  

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