3 Trusty Semiconductor Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold

Right now, the semiconductor industry may be one of the most significant in the world. It is the most essential contributor to contemporary electronics, including computers, cellphones, and even automobiles. The industry is responsible for creating sophisticated computer chips that power such technologies, and it is expected to be valued more than $1 trillion per year in the future decade.

I’ve covered semiconductor stocks before, but in the world of investing, timing plays a big role in the process. And, the times are changing. Most chip-maker stocks are only expected to grow. Growth prospects in your portfolio are a good thing, especially in these times, and especially for the mid-to-long-term investor. 

Let’s quickly dive into three well-regarded semiconductor stocks that the experts consider to be timely, smart portfolio picks:


Even now, a car can include up to thousands of chips, and this will only continue as demand for chips grows to power automobiles, A.I. engines, network infrastructure, and even the digital world. If you feel these trends will become widespread in the next decade, you should consider investing in Nvidia (NVDA): the industry’s gold standard chip maker. NVDA is best known for its graphics processing units (GPUs), which aided the gaming industry, but the company has subsequently moved into a variety of other areas.

NVDA has had an impressive earnings history that I remember stressing months back when covering chip-makers. Well, the numbers are only more impressive now as I return to business. It seems as if NVDA can’t miss. In its most recent report, it beat analysts’ projections on both EPS and revenue; 7.96% and 2.87%, respectivelyNVDA shows healthy year-over-year revenue growth of 52.77% and EPS growth of 103.45%NVDA currently has a modest dividend yield of 0.08%, with a quarterly payout of 16 cents per share. The median price target for NVDA among analysts that provide 12-month predictions is 345.00, with a high of 400.00 and a low of 160.00The consensus estimate reflects an increase of 86.49% over current pricing, the consensus gives NVDA a nearly uncontested buy rating.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD)

AMD‘s processing and graphics processors are among the most desirable on the market. It’s used to power popular gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, as well as millions of consumers’ personal PCs across the world. When AMD announced an interesting cooperation with Tesla in 2021, it showed the adaptability of its CPUs. EVs resemble drivable computers more than their internal combustion counterparts; they require substantially more computing power, possibly opening up a new market for chip manufacturers. This would lead to great opportunities for growth.

AMD shares with NVDA my favorite distinction among well-performing stocks; It has bested analysts’ earnings projections for the last four consecutive fiscal quarters. Most recently, it beat EPS expectations by 21.38%, and revenue by 6.54%AMD shows mixed year-over-year numbers, but notably shows revenue growth of 48.77%. For AMD’s current quarter, we see $5 billion in sales, at 91 cents per share. The median price target for AMD from the analysts that provide 12-month price projections is 150.00, with a high of 200.00 and a low of 100.00The median estimate reflects a gain of 79.32% over its previous price, and the consensus also gives AMD a well-earned buy rating that deserves our attention.

Texas Instruments Inc (TXN)

TXN’s chips may not be as well-known as NVDA‘s, but they’re just as crucial. TXN specializes in embedded processors and analog chips, and it has 100,000 clients in the industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. Apple’s iPhones, for example, are made using its technology. Even better, every electrical gadget necessitates analog chips, and most of them necessitate embedded CPUs. TXN is the market leader in both product areas. It has 15 production locations and conducts the majority of testing and assembly in-house. This gives TXN control over its supply chain while also lowering costs.

Financially, TXN is solid. The majority of fiscal 2021’s quarterly earnings reports successfully exceeded Wall Street’s expectations; Most recently, it bested EPS projections by 10.19% and revenue by 3.66%. Year-over-year, TXN shows revenue growth 18.55% and EPS growth of 26.11%. In line with its recent earnings, TXN boasts $4.7 billion in sales, at $2.18 per share. What’s perhaps most exciting for prospective investors is that TXN currently has a dividend yield of 2.73%, with a quarterly payout of $1.15 per share. The median price target for TXN from the analysts that provide 12-month predictions is 195.00, with a high of 240.00 and a low of 150.00The consensus projection reflects a 21.12% rise from recent pricing, and experts tell us it’s time to buy and hold stock in TXN.