3 Highly Resilient Stocks to Buy Now For Long-Term Gains

Despite persistent worries about inflation, the recession, and increasing interest rates, investors are treating the most recent earnings season with renewed confidence and an optimistic outlook. Indeed, the main stock indexes have seen some weekly increases thanks partly to excellent quarterly reports from – albeit not as many as we might like – several important corporations.

The best investment strategies involve more than just keeping an eye on stock prices. Investors with a long-term outlook must go past the present state of the market, as chaotic as it may be. Traders are not the only ones on Wall Street exercising optimism either. Reputable economists can be a good example of how to be as resilient an investor as the stocks themselves. I did some research and narrowed it down to three stocks I found to be both fundamentally strong and appropriate for these times

Join me as I break down three stocks analysts say to buy now for their solid track records and recent resiliency during market downturns. These tickers make for timely portfolio picks:


Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc (KNX)

U.S. motor carrier holding business Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc (KNX) is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, founded in 1990, and it ranks as the fifth-largest transportation firm in the country. Truckload carriers Swift Transportation, Knight Transportation, Midnite Express, and, as of July 2021, AAA Cooper are KNX‘s principal subsidiaries. By acquiring Midwest Motor Express in January 2022, KNX increased its LTL (less-than-truckload) market reach. 

KNX is accustomed to the supply chain gridlock that has dogged industries since the pandemic started. Its specialty in shipping goods was put under pressure by a lack of network mobility. Also, KNX‘s other operational divisions have shown tremendous resilience and fortitude. Further stressing its stability is KNX’s track record of surpassing Wall Street’s earnings projections. For its last two fiscal quarters, KNX beat EPS and revenue forecasts by 4.38% & 5.92%, and 6.99% & 3.64%, respectively. Year-over-year, KNX shows revenue growth of 49.06%net income growth of 43.64%, and EPS growth of 46.74%KNX has a current dividend yield of 0.98%, with a quarterly payout of 12 cents per share. The consensus price target for KNX from analysts providing annual projections is 63.00, with a high of 85.00 and a low of 46.00The median forecast is 24.63% over current pricing, and KNX comes with a trusty buy rating.

Globalfoundries Inc (GFS)

GlobalFoundries Inc (GFS) is a global semiconductor contract production and engineering firm located in Malta, New York, and incorporated in the Cayman Islands. GFS was created through the divestment of Advanced Micro Devices’ manufacturing unit and was privately held by the sovereign wealth fund of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) until its IPO in October 2021. GFS produces chips for various applications, including mobility, automotive, laptop and wired connection, consumer internet of things, and industrial functions. GFS was the fourth-largest chip maker as of 2021, manufacturing semiconductors for more than 7% of the $86 billion market.

Some feel that despite expectations of underlying strength in GFS’s revenues and profit measures, the semiconductor sector is seemingly experiencing a “purgatory” period during this earnings season. It’s predicted that GFS will be among the stocks which can provide long-term gains upon improvements. GFS is a stock with likable financials on record. For instance, GFS has easily bested analysts’ earnings forecasts for several consecutive quarters. Last quarter, GFS beat EPS and revenue by 73.50% and 2.11%, respectively. To end the Fiscal Year 2021, GFS beat EPS by 61.49% and revenue by 1.77%GFS shows considerable year-over-year growth in crucial areas, which is only forecasted to continue. GFS has a consensus price target of 72.00, with a high estimate of 100.00 and a low of 31.20 among the analysts providing 12-month price estimates. The forecast reflects a 55.98% increase from its most recent price, and the analyst consensus also shows an enthusiastic buy rating for GFS that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Marvell Technology Inc (MRVL)

Marvell Technology, Inc (MRVL) develops, designs, and sells analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits and embedded and standalone integrated circuits. MRVL provides an Ethernet solution portfolio that includes network adaptation controllers and physical transceivers. MRVL also offers storage devices such as hard disk drives (HDD) that work with various systems. MRVL operates in many countries: A few examples include the U.S., Malaysia, China, India, Japan, Thailand, Israel, and South Korea. MRVL was founded in 1995 and is based in Wilmington, Delaware.

The development of global 5G infrastructure, ongoing bandwidth expansion cycles in network infrastructure, and the rising need for faster Ethernet from electric cars provide MRVL with excellent growth potential. Regarding its earnings history, MRVL has exceeded experts’ forecasts on both EPS and revenue for what, at this point, can only be considered a hot streak. EPS and revenue forecasts were recently beaten by 3.60% and 1.48%, respectively. Previously, MRVL surprised on an even higher level, with EPS/revenue beats of 12.10% and 5.45%MRVL has a dividend yield of 0.49%, with a quarterly payout of 6 cents per shareMRVL presents year-over-year revenue growth of 73.84% and 244.34% growth in Operating Income. The median 12-month price target for MRVL from the analysts providing yearly estimates is 78.00, with a high of 125.00 and a low of 55.00The consensus estimate reflects a 57.64% jump from its last price, and MRVL’s buy rating is almost uncontested.