Your Morning Trade for Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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Hey there…it’s me, Felix, your personal Ace of Investing. 

Stocks decided to ride yesterday’s momentum straight into another day of early gains. 

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Your top stock pick for May 25, 2021

Stocks ticked higher this morning, and seemed to be looking for a continuation of yesterday’s strength.  Yesterday’s gains pushed the S&P 500 back into positive territory for the month and helped put a dent in the Nasdaq’s monthly decline.

Growth stocks, including technology, seem to be regaining leadership as yield and inflation fears ease.  Airlines and other reopening stocks were also in the spotlight again this morning.  Our trade alert for today highlights a growth story that also stands to benefit as the reopening steams ahead. 

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Could Stock Splits Send the Stock Market to a New High?

For the past 15 months, investors have watched history get made on Wall Street. They’ve been able to navigate their way through the fastest-passing bear market decline on record. 

Then, they witnessed the strongest bounce-back rall of all time. 

But today, we find the markets at a crossroads. 

If you look back at history, it tells us that we should continue buying high-quality stocks and holding them for the long-term. If we do that, the trend will likely continue upwards.

But on the other hand, history provides yet another alternative. One where rebounds aren’t as flawless as we’d like to script them on TV. 

So, it leaves a lot of investors wondering – if we want to see new highs from here, what has to happen?

And the answer that keeps coming up is stock splits…


Are investors so worried about inflation that they’re about to miss this?

Right now, the markets have had all eyes on inflation.

But BlackRock’s own proprietary Geopolitical Risk Indicator just fell to a four-year low. 

And that means that perhaps too many folks are worried about inflation, while too few are focused on the rapidly changing (and often escalating) geopolitical situation. 

“Geopolitical shocks could catch investors more off guard than usual,” the analysts said.

“We see a high likelihood that decoupling of the U.S. and Chinese tech sectors accelerates in scale and scope, despite the relatively low attention to the Global technology decoupling risk,” the report said.

So, knowing this, what should you be looking out for?


It’s not about being smarter – it’s about your discipline

It's not about being smarter - it's about your discipline

Warren Buffett is always good for a little mindset adjustment. 

And today, his message is crystal clear:

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest.”

And while his sage wisdom is simple, it definitely isn’t easy!

It’s easy to go out and study harder than the next guy. But how in the world can you measure if you’re more level headed? 

That’s where you own personal trading history comes into play.

After all, at the end of the day, the person you’re really competing against is yourself.

Which you will win out? The level-headed you, or the hot-headed one?

If you can accurately predict that, you can do wonders for your portfolio.

if you lean towards the hot-headed side, take a moment and ask yourself why you respond with such heat.

What “triggers” you?

Then start asking yourself an even more important question – how can your level-headed self intervene at those hot-headed moments and gain back control of the situation?

This could prove the most valuable exercise you ever undertake for your portfolio. 


50 Housing Markets That Are Turning Ugly

In the midst of this pandemic, the US housing market has managed to stay strong. Home prices have been climbing steadily since 2021. 

However, one unexpected consequence of the pandemic has been a pretty intense housing boom paired with low mortgage rates. 

And now that we’ve had time for some steady data to pour in, some signs of weakness are beginning to appear. 

Now, don’t let that alarm you – I don’t necessarily mean that we’re suddenly headed for a crash. But there will be some markets in our nation that are at a higher risk of a downturn than others. 

GOBankingRates made it their mission to evaluate 500 cities to identify which ones have the highest rates of foreclosures and mortgages that are underwater. 

But then they dug a little deeper, and added in other criteria. Like median home listing prices, the number of days a house stays on the market before selling and how many listings that were made offered price cuts before closing. 

These scores were weighted against the national average, and it was easy to tell that some were hurting a lot more than others. 

Here are the 50 cities whose housing markets are struggling the most right now…

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Could this odd-looking machine really be the most transformative innovation in history?

Experts are screaming: “YES”!

Elon Musk calls it “amazing…”

A former Apple CEO says: “[It will] have a far bigger impact on humanity than the Internet.”

While a Harvard Ph.D. says it could “[surpass] the space, atomic, and electronic revolutions in its significance.”

It’s a technology I call “Imperium.”

And it’s about to spark the biggest investment mega trend in history … with one small Silicon Valley company at the center of it all.  

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Where to invest $500 right now…

Before you consider buying MP Materials, you’ll want to see this.

Investing legend, Whitney Tilson just revealed his #1 stock for 2021…

And it’s not MP Materials.

He bought Netflix at $7.78, Apple at $1.42, Amazon at $48 and Now he’s going all-in on the one stock driving the next big tech trend that will make investors rich in 2021.

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