Your Morning Trade for Friday, May 27, 2021

Don’t leave your success up to luck…

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Hey there…it’s me, Felix, your personal Ace of Investing. 

Meme stocks are back in full force with individual investors piling into AMC, GME and EXPR.  Each are up more than 37% for the week so far.

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Your top stock pick for May 25, 2021

Meme stocks are back in full force with GME and AMC ascending 16% and 19% respectively in yesterday’s session.  Both stocks are up 37% or more in the week to date, rising to closing levels not seen in months.  This week’s rally has sparked a flame under Reddit forums, Twitter feeds and Discord chat rooms similarly to previous rallies among meme stocks.  No singular or clear catalyst seems to be driving this week’s rally, though individual investors seem to be piling in.

Today we’re highlighting a stock that we issued a buy alert for earlier this month.  In less than two weeks the stock has risen more than 11% and this could be just the beginning.  We are holding strong with our Buy recommendation, along with 28 of the 32 analysts covering the stock, as this stock seems primed for continued strength.  Read on to find out who we’re talking about.  

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Jobs Picture Continues Improvement as Unemployment Claims Slide

The Labor Department reported this morning that initial jobless claims totaled just

406,000 for the week ended May 22, declining from the previous week’s 444,000.  This is the closest we’ve come to pre-pandemic levels since the crisis began in March 2020.

“Many of the factors that sidelined workers earlier in the recovery are changing to contribute to fast job gains in the rest of 2021. The pandemic is coming under control in the U.S., assuaging health fears,” wrote PNC senior economist Bill Adams.

To find out more about today’s jobless numbers, be sure to click to read more. 


Senate GOP unveils its $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer to Biden — here’s what’s in it

Senate Republicans will reveal their $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer today.

To reach a deal both sides would have to bridge the gap in the price tag but also come to agreeable terms on how to offset the spending.

Today the sides will see whether they resolve the gap and strike a bipartisan deal.

Read on for the specifics of Senate Republicans Infrastructure plan counteroffer.


Do your due dillegence, don’t leave your up to chances.

Win or lose=the choice is yours!

It would be great if there were a magic, stock picking crystal ball.  All of your investments would be perfectly timed, winning picks. 

Unfortunately, that does not exist.  

You have to do the legwork.

Give yourself the necessary time to do your research and make an educated decision that you feel confident about. 

Not all of your decisions will win all of the time.  But taking the time to make an educated decision is a much better route than making speculative choices.


‘Very hot’ housing market ‘sustainable’ if cost of building capped

In this article, National Association of Home Builders CEO Jerry Howard weighs in on the housing supply shortage and increasing home prices.

Howard stressed that home prices are “rising too fast,” and noted that the “very hot” housing market would be more “sustainable” if the cost of building is capped.  

“Prices are going up incrementally, way more than they should,” Howard said. “Obviously when people invest in the house, they hope the prices go up some and that’s to be to be expected and to be hoped for, especially with the amount of demand we have out there right now — but they’re rising too fast.”

Find out what else Howard had to say in the full article. 


Where to invest $500 right now…

Before you consider buying MP Materials, you’ll want to see this.

Investing legend, Whitney Tilson just revealed his #1 stock for 2021…

And it’s not MP Materials.

He bought Netflix at $7.78, Apple at $1.42, Amazon at $48 and Now he’s going all-in on the one stock driving the next big tech trend that will make investors rich in 2021.

You can learn all about it on Mr. Tilson’s Website, here.

Wondering what stock he’s investing in?

Click here to watch or read his presentation, and learn for yourself

But you have to act now, because a catalyst coming in a few weeks is set to take this company mainstream… And by then, it could be too late.

Click here to find out the name and ticker of Whitney Tilson’s no. 1 pick for 2021

Action is one of the best investments,

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