NEW: Top 6 Tech Stocks to Buy Now

The electric vehicle revolution is here.

Ford… Volkswagen… GM… Toyota… Hyundai… they are all investing billions.

And Joe Biden just announced a new $2.2 trillion infrastructure plan…

One that will build the biggest charging network the United States has ever seen.

Experts believe that 1 in 5 cars will be electric by 2025 — with the total numbers of EVs in the world increasing by over 8,500% by 2030.

$1.3 trillion dollars in new wealth could be created in just years.

And folks can tap into this massive profit opportunity today…

Getting the name of one of the best-kept secrets in the EV industry for free.

Louis Navellier – one of America’s most iconic technology analysts – just named one of his favorite plays for the coming EV Boom.

A little-known battery maker that has outperformed Tesla in sales…

And is trading for as little as 1/20 the cost!

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Brian Hunt,
CEO, Investorplace

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