Jeff’s #1 Tech Stock

Jeff Brown is arguably America’s #1 most accurate technology investor.

In 2015, he singled out Bitcoin before it shot up almost 100x…

He also recommended the #1 tech investments of 2016, 2018, and 2019…

And—this year—he’s already picked two of the three top-performing stocks!

Recently, Mr. Brown sat down with Chris Hurt to discuss the state of the stock market…

And discuss his new #1 pick.

As you’ll see, it’s in an industry that billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett are flocking to…

(In fact, Buffett recently dumped $800 million of Apple stock to invest in this!)

It’s also set to grow an astonishing 5,900%.

If you have any interest in tech stocks, you can’t miss this special interview. And the new report Jeff Brown put together.

You can click here for the special interview.


Van Bryan
Managing Editor, The Near Future Report

P.S. As you’ll see, there is some urgency with Mr. Brown’s #1 pick… His top company is set to release a revolutionary new product as early as October 1st, which could send the stock soaring.