Connecticut Woman Gets “Revenge” After Losing Nearly 50% of Her 401(k)

In a story that’s drawn national attention, a Roxbury, Connecticut woman is seeking “revenge” against Wall Street.

And so far – it’s working.

Sandy Chaikin lost nearly 50% of her 401(k) after handing her life savings to an incompetent money manager.

Chaikin – a retired marketing director at L’Oréal – says, “He lost almost all the money I’d saved for years and didn’t seem to care.”

Furious, she turned to her husband, the Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin.

He built a system to help her make it all back.

Throughout his 50-year career in U.S. finance, Mr. Chaikin helped create Wall Street’s stock rating system.

He built a website to show his wife exactly which stocks could soon be rated a “BUY” on Wall Street and go up 100% or more… by taking the same information he once gave the biggest banks and hedge funds.

Only now, he’s handing that information to his wife.

So far, Sandy Chaikin has made back everything she lost. And altogether, she has now tripled her 401(k).

From 2020 to 2021 alone, she made 7 times her money on one stock alone, by logging into the website her husband created to help everyday Americans like her get “revenge” against Wall Street.

You can type any of 4,000 different tickers into an online system to see exactly which stocks could make you the most money, she says.

With the permission of both Mr. Chaikin and his wife, we’re posting a demonstration of their system (including the #1 stock to buy now) on our website here.

You can see it free of charge – click here to view.

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